The annual congress of the SCMC (French Brain and Cerebrovascular Diseases Society) took place in Paris last week. The meeting began with a mini-symposium entitled “Nanoparticles and the brain”, during which the therapeutic potential of nanomedicine was addressed: three invited speakers discussed the use of nanoparticules to treat cancers (by Emmanuel GARCION) and neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and stroke (by Patrick COUVREUR). Moreover, the issues related to the evaluation of nanomaterials’ neurotoxicity were presented by Anna BENCSIK from the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (Anses).

During the second part of the day other topics were addressed, like the effects of estradiol on the cognitive decline in aging (by Aline MARIGHETTO). Six presentations by PhD students completed the congress, with several communications about the blood-brain barrier in the frame of pathological conditions like glioma and inflammation. A young PhD student successfully discussed the impact of physical activity on neuroplasticity. The SCMC PhD thesis price was awarded to Antoine Fournier for his work about the early diagnostic of multiple sclerosis by molecular Magnetic Resonance Imaging, congratulations to him!

HCS Pharma attended SCMC congress with an immense pleasure, we would like to thank all speakers and participants for this exciting meeting! We are looking forward to participating to the next one planned in 2019 in Lille…


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