The founding congress of the french STCM (Société de Toxicologie Cellulaire et Moléculaire) will take place in Paris at the end of this week (13th-14th June, 2019). The theme of this meeting will be “Toxicology towards the 3rd dimension“. We are looking forward to attending this congress, and to becoming active members in this new scientific society!

The congress will be divided into different sessions dealing with the 3D models of (i) the skin, (ii) the intestine, (iii) the liver, (iv) the lungs, (v) the central nervous system … We will finish the congress with our talk during the last session about the 3D tools.

We will obviously talk about BIOMIMESYS®, which has already been validated for in vitro models of the liver (BIOMIMESYS® Liver), of the adipose tissue (BIOMIMESYS® Adipose Tissue) and recently of the central nervous system (BIOMIMESYS® Brain).

We are looking forward to meeting all participants for discussions about the latest trends in 3D cell culture models, and their applications in toxicology. Thanks a lot to the organizers for letting us the opportunity to give a presentation!


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