From 28 March to 1st April, the conference on DYRK1A and related kinases and human disease was held in Saint Malo. We have really enjoyed our venue as a sponsor of this conference. Thanks to the organizers, specially to Laurent Meijer and Pauline Demaison, we had a chance to present our services to the scientific community working on DYRKs protein. During 3 days, we have seen a lot of high quality scientific presentations from chemistry to the development of treatments for DYRKs related disease. We hope all these talks from international researchers will lead to scientific improvements in DIRK related disease.

The development of cellular models, especially in neurotoxicity, is an approach used to accelerate the development of new therapeutics for DYRK related disease. With our progress in 3D models, HCS Pharma hopes to provide new tools for researchers to better understand DYRKs protein,  and perhaps participate as a speakers at the next DYRK conference !


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