13th and 14th October 2016,  drug discovery 2016 was held in Liverpool, UK. We really enjoyed our venue at the 10th anniversary of ELRIG drug discovery symposium. Thanks to the ELRIG organisaters, we had the chance to present our activities in the innovation zone. A lot of exchanges were made about implementation of cellular high content assays across pharma, biotech, and academic research activities. We hope all these talks will lead to business and scientific collaborations.

High quality scientific presentations and posters made this symposium scientifically rewarding for drug discovery. Plennary sessions on translationnal and predictive models were very interesting. Advances in microstissues screening for drug prediction presented by Paul Walker highlight that 3D culture open a new area in high content analysis and  reinforces our choices in our R&D activities.

We would like to thank all the visitors who came to our booth, and we hope to meet you again next year !



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