Our study director Elodie will attend Drug Discovery 2018 – THE ELRIG‘s flagship conference – which will take place in London next week! We are looking forward to presenting our poster about neurotoxicity testing. Don’t hesitate to visit Elodie there, she will answer to your questions about our results, and/or our different services! You want to book a meeting? Contact us!

In this study, sensitivity of iPSC-derived neuronal cells to 32 compounds was compared to the sensitivity of differentiated SH-SY5Y cells. Two types of iPSC-derived cells were tested: central nervous system cells (CNS.4U® cells) and peripheral nervous system cells (PERI.4U® cells) from Ncardia. Toxic effects were then measured using high content imaging:

You can have access to the poster by following this link as of now (with the possibility to request a high quality version).


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