Last week HCS Pharma team enjoyed Forum Labo Paris! We enjoyed it twofold because :

Our booth in the Lab’ Start Up Village
  • we won a price for our amazing photo of liver cells… which looks like a flower meadow, doesn’t it? See for yourself:
Liver cells in vitro, stained for their nuclei (in blue), oxidative stress (in red) and mitochondria (in green)

We also attended the amazing gala dinner during which we received the price, and the CIFL breakfast next morning. We learned a lot about the association and the opportinity it represents for SMEs, in a friendly atmosphere!

Thanks to the organizers for giving us the opportunity to get a booth for free, to the committe for giving us a price in the photo contest and, last but not least, to all visitors for your interest in BIOMIMESYS® hydroscaffold technology!


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