Rehovot (Israel) London (UK) and Lille (France)

Vidac Pharma is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to discovering and developing First-in-class medicines to help people suffering from a range of oncologic and dermatologic diseases.

Vidac Pharma and HCS Pharma announce cooperative agreement on acceleration of pre-clinical assays for Vidac Pharma anti-solid tumors drug candidates.

Poor predictability of animal models leads to an important lack of time and money in preclinical development of anti-cancer drugs, before the clinical phases. Vidac Pharma chose to use BIOMIMESYS®, the 3D cell culture matrix of HCS Pharma (Lille, France), which demonstrated higher predictability. Vidac Pharma wants to jump-start the development of its anti-solid tumors drug candidates which are the first drug candidates which reverse the Warburg effect while returning tumor microenvironment to an immunological favorable state. The Warburg Effect is defined as an increase in the rate of glucose uptake and preferential production of lactate, even in the presence of oxygen (see Liberti & Locasale, 2016 for review).

Preliminary assays showed that in vitro results obtained by HCS Pharma in  BIOMIMESYS® matrix were in striking accordance with those obtained in vivo by Vidac Pharma, an exceptional result compared to most of other screening results on classical chemotherapeutic drugs. Dr Nathalie Maubon, Chairwoman and CEO of HCS-Pharma commented, “We were surprised by the exceptional fit between the in vivo and in vitro results of Vidac Pharma and our system. In most other cases we found up to two log differences between published pre-clinical data of classical chemotherapeutic molecules and their actual therapeutic window accurately reflected by our BIOMIMESYS® assays”.

BIOMIMESYS®matrix from HCS Pharma is a unique groundbreaking 3D cell culture technology which associates the behavior of a solid scaffold and a hydrogel reproducing all aspects of human tissues (composition, stiffness, structure, and porosity). Dr Max Herzberg, Chairman and CEO of Vidac Pharma, commented: “We believe that using BIOMIMESYS® system will provide accurate data much quicker, avoiding poorly predictable results obtained on unduly suffering laboratory animals. We will collaborate with HCS Pharma to create proper models to test the reversal of the Warburg effect, which is the basis of our drugs proprietary mode of action”.

Liver cancer cells cultured in  BIOMIMESYS®Oncology. This picture is for illustrating purpose only, and does not represent the results of Vidac molecule assesment.

About Vidac Pharma: Vidac Pharma Holdings Plc. London, is the holding company of Vidac Pharma Ltd. Rehovot.

Article adapted from Vidac press release.

Also available in french (La Gazette du Laboratoire).


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