Among more than 5,000 applicants from 128 different countries, HCS Pharma has been selected by Hello Tomorrow as one of “Deep Tech Pioneers” from their annual Global Challenge 2020 with our groundbreaking technology BIOMIMESYS®!

BIOMIMESYS® is an unique groundbreaking 3D technology that associated the behavior of solid scaffold, by using Hyaluronic Acid and collagens as biopolymers, and hydrogel behavior with cells-matrix interaction by grafting adhesion proteins on HA, making it an exclusive Hydroscaffold! This hydroscaffold reproduces at the best the physicochemical and biological properties of Extra-Cellular Matrix (ECM) of any type of organ.

It is definitively a revolutionary technology in the field of drug discovery and collateral fields and, as you can imagine, a real deep tech!

If you want to have more information, contact us or come and meet us at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit in Paris on 12th-13th March, 2020! ➡️    

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Watch our tutorials for BIOMIMESYS® technology! | HCS Pharma · December 3, 2019 at 3:02 pm

[…] If you work in 3D cell culture, you should know our innovative technology BIOMIMESYS® just recognized as a Deep Tech Pionner by Hello Tomorrow. […]

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