We are pleased to participate in ELRIG event about Research an Innovation 2023 – Accelerating future drug discovery” in Cambridge on March 29 and 30th 2023. Veronique De Conto, our project leader in in vitro Pharmacology, is very happy to meet with you and to present you our disruptive technology BIOMIMESYS®.

BIOMIMESYS® is a hyaluronic acid-based matrix bio-functionalized with structural and adhesion molecules of ECM, providing an excellent microenvironment for in vitro 3D cell culture. This ECM-like hydroscaffold combines the advantages of solid scaffolds (porosity, structure) and hydrogels (cell-matrix interactions). It is chemically defined and ready-to-used in multi-well plates, thus it can be used for High Content Screening (HCS). Moreover, its composition and stiffness can be modified to reproduce the organ-specificity of the ECM, or to mimic a pathological microenvironment like in cancer.

Results showed that BIOMIMESYS® modifies the behavior of cancerous cells in vitro, improving in vitro/in vivo correlations. That’s why the matricial microenvironmentshould be considered carefully in drug discovery. This hydroscaffold offers a good predictability and is adapted to HCS; it represents a powerful tool to better select drug candidates and to increase the success rate in clinical trials.

Come on to meet Veronique for more information, or contact us on our website!


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