It is a pleasure for us to participate in the next Organ-on-chip (OoC) event, which will take place in IPGG, Paris next month (23-24th February). We will contribute threefold:

  • as a grateful sponsor of the event! As such, we will have a stand to present our product BIOMIMESYS and how it can help in your (microfluidic-based) research. It allows incorporating 3D structures, and contrary to hydrogels, our hyaluronic-acid based hydroscaffold can be kept for long time, even under flux conditions.
  • as an active actor in OoC field, through the presentation of results obtained in collaboration with academic laboratories and private companies. In particular, we will participate together with Pr. C. Legallais and Arnaud Cartier (Fluigent) to present the results from our common ANR-granted project “MIMLiver on Chip“. It aims at developing a plug-and-play microfluidic platform for studying hepatotoxicity and related mechanisms.
  • as a participant to pitches! We will present how HCS Pharma can help you to innovate in OoC topics, in relation to BIOMIMESYS hydroscaffold for a biomimetic 3D cell culture microenvironment.

We are looking forward to discussing the organization of OoC community in France, and how we will contribute to it, and to highlighting the key role of our collaborators using BIOMIMESYS for their biochip research. Stay tuned, we will tell you more in the next days!


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