HCS Pharma is one of the winner of the Lab’StartUp village, organized by Forum Labo! As such, we have won a stand in the heart of the forum (March 26-28, 2019)… Thanks a lot to the committee for evaluating our application to this prize, and for selecting our new product BIOMIMESYS® Brain!

Lumes cells in BIOMIMESYS® Brain
Luhmes cells in BIOMIMESYS® Brain

We are looking forward to presenting you our new product to cultivate neuronal cells in 3D! BIOMIMESYS® Brain allows their long-term culture in 3D neurospheres, in a ready-to-use format… Would you like to be one of our first tester of BIOMIMESYS® Brain? Just contact us here!

We also would like to thank our partner Integra and Molecular Devices who welcomed us on their own stands last year in Lyon! We would not be in Forum Labo Paris this year without you 😉


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