Many categories of drugs can induce hepatotoxicity, so improving the prediction of toxic drugs is important. In vitro models using human hepatocytes are more accurate than in vivo animal models. Good in vitro models require an abundance of metabolic enzyme activities and normal cellular polarity. However, none of the in vitro models can completely simulate hepatocytes in the human body. There are two ways to overcome this limitation: enhancing the metabolic function of hepatocytes and changing the cultural environment. In this review, we summarize the current state of research, including the main characteristics of in vitro models and their limitations, as well as improved technology and developmental prospects. A good description review from Han et al.

To better mimic the cell microenvironment, we have developed in vitro tests in different models and thanks to our technology for 3D cell culture BIOMIMESYS® Liver hydroscaffold we can model the hepatocyte cells microenvironment from healthy to pathological liver (NAFLD, NASH or fibrotic).



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