2D cell culture has been used for more than 100 years now, to keep cells outside of their original organism and to use them for different purposes. It is still widely used in research and early steps of the drug discovery process, and has allowed a bunch of discoveries so far!

However, the scientific community now aknowledge that many properties of tissues in vivo (3D structure, interactions between different cells and between the cells and the extracellular matrix or ECM…) are lost in ‘flat’ in vitro models. Therefore, 3D modelling can advantageously help to fill the gap between in vivo and in vitro situations, by taking into account and manipulating the cellular environment. 3D cell culture also offerts a wide variety of possibilities!

Many differences have been described between 2D and 3D cell culture (Jensen & Teng, 2020). Apart from the structure, differences in terms of proliferation, differentiation and responses to stimuli (e.g. drugs) have been shown in the literature. There is still much to do because we are only at the beginning in 3D cell culture… How exciting!

In HCS Pharma, we are engaged to provide insight into 3D cell culture by using BIOMIMESYS as an ECM surrogate. Isn’t 3D cell culture beautiful?

If you want to test 3D cell culture in your lab, please feel free to contact us here or send a message to hello@biomimesys.com. We will be happy to bring to you our expertise in 3D modelling!


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