Why is testing important?

One million cases of colon cancer are diagnosed each year around the world. Colorectal cancer develops slowly. The tumor, called polyp, appears on the inner wall of the colon and rectum. The evolution of a polyp into cancer can last about ten years. The test can detect cancer at an early stage and increase the chances of recovery. Thanks to this screening, we can also detect a polyp before it develops into cancer.

The interest of screening: to detect early a cancer or a precancerous lesion to increase the chances of cure. If you are between 50 and 74 years old, do not hesitate to get testing!

In HCS Pharma, we work against colon cancer treatment in collaboration with the French National Institute for Health and Medicine (INSERM) (Dr. Mathias Chamaillard, ONCOLille), thanks to France Relance, Région Hauts-de-France and ANR. Indeed, some bacteria can lead the development of colon cancer. That’s why we are developing a dysbiosis-induced colon cancer in vitro model in 3 dimensions. This complex model will include colon cancer cells and all the microenvironment components influencing cancer development: fibroblasts, immune cells, and the Extracellular Matrix reproduced with BIOMIMESYS® matrix. It will be used to screen innovative molecules to treat colon cancer, by targeting not only the cancerous cells but also their microenvironment. Previous results already showed that BIOMIMESYS® allows better in vitro-in vivo correlations than classic 2D in vitro models.

Feel free to contact us if you want more information about BIOMIMESYS® for 3D cell culture, and/or about our services in phenotypic screening!


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