Wound healing is a crucial physiological process rehabilitating the unity of the skin barrier. Inflammation in wound healing is a weapon with two edges. It is indispensable but must be strongly regulated both temporally and spatially.

In this recent study, Li et al. show skin commensal S. epidermidis produces a lipopeptide 78 (LP78). This molecule plays a crucial role in regulating inflammatory response in skin wounds to promote wound healing.

They demonstrated that LP78 reduced the expression of inflammatory cytokines in wounds of normal and diabetic mice, which was related to a quickened wound healing. This paper suggests that LP78 might be used as a new compound for the treatment of unhealed wounds.

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Source: Lipopeptide 78 from Staphylococcus epidermidis Activates β-Catenin To Inhibit Skin Inflammation


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