It is now well described that in tumor biopsies, the stiffness of the cancerous tissue is higher than the surrounding non-cancerous tissue of the same organ, with a described remodeling of the ECM. The increase in rigidity is related to the stimulation of fibroblasts that increase the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans, essentially HA, and collagen 1 production in the microenvironment of the cancerous tissue. Stiffness induction with solid fibers induces mechanical compression on cells, which in turn increases cell proliferation. This cannot be reproduced in 2D cell culture or in 3D culture by using hydrogel systems as Matrigel®.

By using BIOMIMESYS® hydroscaffold, we were able to show an increase in the proliferation rate of cancer cells when the rigidity of the microenvironment increased, as observed in tumors of high grades.

More explanation on Extra-cellular Matrix and BIOMIMESYS technology will present in the interview of SelectScience : The importance of the cellular microenvironment in the development of more efficient drugs against complex diseases

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