I will be pleased to be in BIO-Europe Spring in Basel, Switzerland to present BIOMIMESYS, our breakthrough technology and our new results that we have with it.

In HCS Pharma, we are reinventing biology with our academic partners by analyzing the impact of changes in the microenvironment on cells and in particular changes in the composition or stiffness of the Extra-Cellular Matrix (ECM).
It’s high time that we understood the biological phenomena making our organs sick, and the change in the microenvironment is the cause. BIOMIMESYS® technology is the only technology that allows you to modify the composition and physical properties of the ECM (porosity, stiffness, viscoelastic properties) as desired, unlike all other 3D cell culture solutions.

Thanks to this amazing technology, we finally understand the major impact that the change in physicochemical properties of the ECM can have on the cells, such as the increase in rigidity in the context of solid cancers. We can finally tackle the causes of the so-called complex and long-term diseases and not just the consequences, which are changes in cell signaling. The revolution in biology by analyzing the biology of cells in their microenvironment is underway, and I would be happy to tell you more during our exchanges on the BIO-Europe Spring event.
Looking forward to meeting you in Basel next week! Login to partneringONE® to ask for an appointment with me (Nathalie Maubon) through BIO-Europe website.


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