Nathalie, founder, CEO and CSO of HCS Pharma will be present in BIO international convention that takes place in Boston, USA from the 5th to the 8th of June. Is it the place to be for a start-up like HCS Pharma, proposing a breakthrough technology that will revolutionnize the biotechnology world, such as BIOMIMESYS? We will see…

This event brings together 14,000+ biotechnology and pharma leaders for intensive networking to discover new opportunities and promising partnership during one week. With our breakthrough technology, we want to see what the possibilities are in the US – and in the other continents – with this kind of innovative 3D cell culture system.

If you want to know more and you also attend this great event, feel free to come and discuss with Nathalie to understand the advances BIOMIMESYS technology can bring to drug discovery and cell therapy / regenerative medicine. Indeed, BIOMIMESYS is the only technology in the world that recreates the ExtraCellular Matrix (ECM) in an organ-specific manner, with the same physicochemical and biological properties as the in vivo ECM. Thanks to this technology, we can recreate all the complexity of any organ with the cells in its healthy or pathological environment.


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