Our project director Elodie is participating to EUSAAT congress in Linz (Austria) this week, the European Congress on Alternatives to Animal Testing.

She will have the pleasure to present our work aiming at bridging the gap between in vivo and in vitro situations by taking into account the extracellular matrix (ECM) for more relevant and physiological in vitro models. She will explain how BIOMIMESYS, our 3D cell culture system, and the 3D models we are creating within are relevant, with the example of iPSC-derived liver organoid model and of cancer models.

Her talk will take place on Tuesday at 3:30 pm in Hall 1, in the session moderated by Jürgen Hescheler & Bettina Seeger. Thanks to the organizers to give us the opportunity to present our work in EUSAAT. We are looking forward to interacting with 3Rs researchers. Please feel free to meet Elodie there!


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