If you want to increase your knowledge on DYRK1A (‘dual specificity, tyrosine phosphorylation regulated kinase 1A’), you have to be in Saint Malo at the end of march for the first “Dyrk conference”. We will be happy to participate to this scientific event !

DYRK1A (‘dual specificity, tyrosine phosphorylation regulated kinase 1A’) is a kinases which phosphorylates many substrates involved in signaling pathways. Kinase of the DIRK family play key roles in mRNA splicing, gene transcription, cell survival, differentiation, endocytosis, neuronal development and functions.

Abnormal activities of DIRK lead to several diseases, such as cognitive disorders observed in Down syndrome, Mental Retardation Disease 7 (MRD7) and Alzheimer’s disease. “High content screening” and “high content analysis” are a part of the development of potent and selective pharmacological inhibitors of DIRKs in order to characterize the therapeutic potential of DIRKs diseases treatments. You want to know more ? See our services and contact us, we will be very happy to share with you !


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