After a license degree in Cellular Biology and physiology (“Biologie Cellulaire et Physiologie”) and a first year of master degree in toxicology (“Evaluation des risques toxicologique pour le consommateur”) at Université de Bretagne occidentale (UBO), Méryl Roudaut is currently studying for his second year of master degree at Université Paul Sabatier (UPS) Toulouse III (“Biologie intégrative et Toxicologie”). He joined HCS Pharma as an intern for 6 months to work on in vitro models to evaluate genotoxicity.

The main part of his internship is to develop a skin model using Human Epithelium Keratinocytes. His work principaly focuses on genotoxic and cytotoxic assays, including the development of screening methods (HCS), using 96-wells plates.

Grégory MAUBON

Grégory MAUBON is Chief Data Officer and digital coordinator at HCS Pharma, a biotech startup focused in high content screening and complex diseases. He manages IT missions and leads digital usages linked to company needs. He is also a Augmented Reality Evangelist (presenter and lecturer) since 2008, where he created and founded in 2010 RA'pro (the augmented reality promotion association). He helped many companies (in several domains) to define precisely their augmented reality needs and supported them in the implementation.


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