As you might know, October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to raise awareness about the impact of breast cancer. Research is the key tool to fight this disease and we are very happy to collaborate with amazing research teams in this fight.

Since last year, our work on breast cancer reserach has progressed through different collaborations:

  • with IEMN (Dr Anthony Treizebre) and our common MSc trainee Thomas Meynard. We have been working on the long-term culture of breast cancer cell lines in a microfluidic chips with BIOMIMESYS® Oncology as a matrix-mimicking hydroscaffold.
  • with Xuefen Le Bourhis’ team, in particular R.-A. Toillon and J. Cicero (Univ Lille, CNRS, Inserm, CHU Lille, UMR9020-U1277, Cancer Heterogeneity Plasticity and Resistance to Therapies (CANTHER), Team ‘Cellular plasticity and cancer’) who are working to decipher the mechanisms responsible for the development of breast cancer metastases, with a focus on the brain. Below are some PLA-derived images of MDA-MB-231 cells in BIOMIMESYS®!
  • with Samuel Meignan (CANTHER team) and Karine Hannebicque (Centre Oscar Lambret), in order to design breast cancer patients ‘avatars’ in 3D for predictive and personalized medicine.
Triple-negative breast cancer cells (MDA-MB-231 line) grown in 3D in the BIOMIMESYS matrix.
The blue marking represents the nucleus of the cells, the green marking their cytoskeleton and the red dots represent the interactions between two particular proteins on their surface (object of the research of R.-A. Toillon’s team), detected thanks to the PLA technique (Proximity Ligation Assay).

What a great emulation to fight breast cancer! Thanks a lot for their commitment…

Do you want to help researchers fight breast cancer? Find your national organization (like the National Breast Cancer Foundation in USA or Ligue contre le Cancer in France) or other associations, and please donate. It’s fast, easy and it is a concrete act in this endeavor. Thank you!

Grégory MAUBON

Grégory MAUBON is Chief Data Officer and digital coordinator at HCS Pharma, a biotech startup focused in high content screening and complex diseases. He manages IT missions and leads digital usages linked to company needs. He is also a Augmented Reality Evangelist (presenter and lecturer) since 2008, where he created and founded in 2010 RA'pro (the augmented reality promotion association). He helped many companies (in several domains) to define precisely their augmented reality needs and supported them in the implementation.


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