In order to make known BIOMIMESYS technology, Grégory and Nathalie were in Asia in October during one month.

The first step was in Japan. We have worked with our partners from AS ONE and JVC Kenwood. We had the opportunity to visit them in AS ONE office in order to present the technology and to teach them by doing some assays in their lab. We have discussed with several pharmaceutical industries during the BioJapan event. We have seen during this event that cell therapy and regenerative medicine are very well advanced with several machines, 3D technologies, new serum-free media. Nevertheless, none of the 3D cell technology suppliers have a so advanced technology such as BIOMIMESYS technology. We had also the opportunity to visit researchers in one pharmaceutical industries near Tokyo. Our technology has been highly appreciated during our business trip in Japan.

The next step was in Singapore. We had the opportunity to present our technology to several potential partners, to visit several government institutes and to go in the Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology (SWITCH) event, the most popular event that brings together leaders, entrepreneurs, creators, accelerators and investors from the Global-Asia innovation ecosystem. We had also the opportunity to visit the SRIS (Skin Research Institute of Singapore) from A*Star. A collaboration has already started with SRIS in order to develop new BIOMIMESYS skin and reconstructed skin for dermocosmetic active ingredients to be tested. For that purpose, MTA has been signed and first assays are ongoing in SRIS with our BIOMIMESYS technology.

The last journey was in Taïwan where our partners Joseph and his team from Tokyo Future Style Taiwan, have prepared a busy schedule of meetings, visits to laboratories and seminars to present our technology to the various government institutes, from basic research to applied research, including the development of new machines. The seminars took place within the academia sinica, the National Biotechnology Research Park and the ITRI / TIRI / NarLabs (here is the seminar in Academia Sinica).

We had a lot of interest. Several projects are now already launched. We have also the opportunity to visit LumiStar, a biotech company working on drug screening using iPSC. A strong collaboration has been started with them in order to combine their expertise with ours to develop new 3D innovative cellular models using BIOMIMESYS and iPSC. We have also the opportunity to visit AcaHealth and finally sign a MOU in order to combine our expertise to find new drugs from active ingredients based on Chinese herbs using our 3D cellular models with BIOMIMESYS and their expertise to purified active ingredients from Chinese herbs.

This on-month of business trip have demonstrated that Asian people have really open mind to test new and breakthrough technology such as BIOMIMESYS. Cell therapy and regenerative medicine is also new medicine very well advanced in Asia compared to Europe and BIOMIMESYS is really the technology that they need for this purpose. Based on this business trip, we know that the next year will be the year of expansion of HCS Pharma in Asia.

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