HCS Pharma is pleased to participate to the Cosm’ing meeting about technological developments in the cosmetic industry. Come and discover our services in Saint-Malo from the 29th June to the first of July 2016. We will present our expertise in cellomic (an imaging approach of cells), giving early results on the effectiveness and the toxicity of active ingredients.

Bannière cosm'ing

On the program: seminar, roundtables and posters on innovation upon different subjects:

  • Vegetal and marine cell cultures,
  • Enzymatic and fermentation processes,
  • Cutaneous Microbiology,
  • The contribution of “omics” in cosmetics

In this last session, Julian Bursztyka from HCS Pharma will give a talk on: «Cellomic»: Automation, cellular imaging and High Content analysis as an integrated tool to serve innovation in dermo-cosmetic”. He will also present a poster on a genotoxicity assay in High Content Screening developed in collaboration with the “toxicology in vitro team” of Galderma R&D.



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