Industry and academia are increasingly complexifying their in vitro models, not only 3D models but also organs-on-chip (OoC) in their studies. Such systems are needed for putting different tissues into contact, or to take into account flux-related aspects.

BIOMIMESYS® being an ideal hydroscaffold™ for 3D cell culture, this webinar aims at demonstrating its compatibility with OoCs, and showing examples of use of this matrix to integrate the 3D in OoCs, In particular, we will show results obtained in toxicology (BIOMIMESYS® Liver) and oncology (BIOMIMESYS® Oncology) projects, obtained in-house in HCS Pharma or through collaborations.

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Webinar : Organ-on-chips including BIOMIMESYS® for toxicology and oncology programmes, December 14 & 16 - HCS Pharma · December 19, 2022 at 10:22 am

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