It was a great pleasure to present our technology BIOMIMESYS for relevant 3D cell cultures, and its applications in oncology field in the frame of ONCOLille seminars. All the questions and discussions at the end of our presentation convinced us that BIOMIMESYS is of great interest to oncology researchers, in particular to take into account the huge impact of extracellular matrix composition and stiffness on the cellular mechanims involved in cancer initiation and progression.

ONCOLille is a newly formed interdisciplinary Institute in Lille (Hauts-de-France) gathering different institutions (namely Université de Lille, le CHU de Lille, Inserm, CNRS and Centre Oscar Lambret) and their laboratories in the north of France, with a long-standing commitment in cancer research. The objective of to deepen the knowledge of cancer physiopathology, with a particular focus on therapeutic resistance that can arise and complicate the outcomes, and on cancer dormancy. Through innovative platforms and by strengthening interdisciplinary collaborations, ONCOLille Institute aims at becoming a national and international reference center in the field, with the patients at the heart of the research initiatives.

We would like to thank Isabelle Van Seuningen, who is the leader of the ONCOLille Institute and of CANTHER laboratory, for inviting us within the first seminars. We appreciate a lot collaborating with such an Institute and its excellent laboratories! We are looking forward to intensify these collaborations.


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