BIOMIMESYS® is a patented 3D matrix reproducing the physicochemical properties of the extracellular matrix (ECM), different from classical hydrogels used for 3D cell culture. It is composed of native ECM components: Hyaluronic Acid (HA) combined with collagens, adhesion peptides… in the form of a unique hydroscaffold, i.e. exhibiting a dual behavior between hydrogels and solid scaffolds. As such, BIOMIMESYS® is an attractive 3D cell culture system that mimics the key features of the cellular microenvironment (including its stiffness), either physiological or pathological, in a ready-to-use format. With this new organ-specific in vitro ECM, HCS Pharma is able to recreate miniaturized healthy or pathological organs to test the efficacy or safety of drugs or active molecules. The first interest of this organ-specific in vitro ECM is in oncology field. Solid tumors are often associated to a modified microenvironment, with an enhanced collagen content and increased stiffness. These ECM changes are now recognized as important drivers of cancer initiation and progression, and also impact the treatment of cancer lesions. The matrix BIOMIMESYS® Oncology allows cultivating cancer cells in a tumoral-like environment, with the possibility to tune the composition and stiffness of the matrix. Nevertheless, in other compex diseases such as liver diseases or neurodegenerative diseases, the ECM is also modified. With this breathrought technology, HCS Pharma is able to analyse the impact of this ECM changes and thus to find new treatment more efficient. A lot of fundamental research is still needed to be done on this aspect and researchers from academia such as in Academia Sinica, can help for this purpose.


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