Prof. J. Lo Szecheng

We are really happy to welcome Prof. Lo in our Scientific Advisory Board. Prof. Lo has a huge experiment in hepatitis infection and liver diseases with more than 120 publications in this field. With help of Joseph Chou (CEO of Tokyo Future Style Taiwan), Pr Lo leads all R&D programs around BIOMIMESYS in Taiwan.

Two groups from Chang Gang University and Yang Ming University have already started the development of new 3D cellular models for hepatitis infection and ips-derived liver organoids using BIOMIMESYS liver and two others will start to work on BIOMIMESYS for a use in cell therapy.

We thank Pr Lo to trust in our disruptive technology on organ-specific matrix for 3D cell culture and for all collaborations that you have already and will initiated in Taiwan. We have a very fruitful collaboration with a lot of new applications around BIOMIMESYS technology.


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