The project

Giving the high failure rate of drug candidates in clinical trials – in particular involving the central nervous system (lack of efficacy or neurotoxicity), we aim at developing more relevant and more predictive brain in vitro models for preclinical in vitro assessment. For that, we are recreate cerebral in vitro models in 3 dimensions, including the microenvironment using our technology BIOMIMESYS®.

What we bring to the partnership

We are developing relevant cerebral in vitro models, including: 

  • Several cerebral cell types, in particular neurons and glial cells, to take into account cell-cell interaction, for example to study neuro-inflammation
  • A chemical defined media, for a good reproducibility
  • A 3-dimensional organization, to better mimic cerebral tissue structure
  • The matricial microenvironment thanks to our technology BIOMIMESYS® Brain, a functionalized hyaluronic acid-based hydroscaffold which mimics the brain extracellular matrix.

These models are available in 96- and 384-well formas, compatible with our robotic platform for High Content Screening.

List of partners

  • BPI
  • Inserm Unit 1171
  • HCS pharma

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