The project

The CHOPIN (CHolesterol Personalized INnovation) project is a large-scale translational research project which won the « Recherche Hospitalo-Universitaire en santé » call for projects under the second wave of the «Investissements d’Avenir».

Led by the Département Hospitalo-Universitaire 2020 – DHU 2020, and coordinated by Professor Bertrand Cariou, director of the thorax institute at CHU de Nantes Hospital, this project is aimed at ensuring personalised treatment for familial hypercholesterolemia, a major public health issue.

What we bring to the partnership

HCS Pharma is involved in the development and automation of new innovative cellular 3D models of familial hypercholesterolemia in order to perform phenotypic screening. Méryl Roudaut, Ms, will be a key person in this project for HCS Pharma since he will start his Ph.D. training in tight collaboration with HCS Pharma and l’institut du thorax under the supervision of Pr Bertrand Cariou, M.D-Ph.D., and Dr Karim Si-Tayeb, PhD.

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