The project

HCS (High Content Screening) is a powerful cellular-based, drug discovery technique, exploring the modification of cell phenotype. Results are better if the complete process of cell culture is made in “true” 3D environment, like in real human body. HCS Pharma develops its own 3D cellular models in its proprietary BIOMIMESYS® extracellular matrix.

The operational part of HCS lies in the acquisition and exploitation of pictures made by automated fluorescence microscopy. If it might be seen as a routine in 2D, it is much more complicated to segment objects from pictures taken in a translucide 3D environment. 3D reconstruction, biological parameters extraction, structure visualization are also more difficult because of unadapted tools.

This project explores the use of AI technologies to improve different steps of 3D biological picture exploitation in the context of HCS with a emphasis for 3D complex segmentation et reconstruction.

What we bring to the partnership

HCS Pharma brings expertise on 3D confocal microscopy in a relevant 3D cell culture system (BIOMIMESYS®) and a network of stakeholders in microscopy field.

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