As part of their engineering studies at ISEN Lille for a master’s degree specialized in Bionanotechnologies, Robin and Orégane arrived in HCS Pharma in May 2021 for a 4-month internship. Their work in HCS Pharma follows a student project during which they designed and computationally simulated a microfluidic device capable of delivering a drug treatment to a tumoral spheroid and measuring its efficiency by impedancemetry.

Therefore, their objective consists in integrating BIOMIMESYS®, a hyaluronic acid-based hydroscaffold which mimics the extracellular matrix, in the device, as well as developping a compression system to provide a more realistic cancerous environment for the tumour growth. The fabrication of the device is carried out in collaboration with the CNRS LIMMS laboratory thanks to Dr. Vincent Senez.

Welcome to Robin and Orégane!

If you want more information about BIOMIMESYS® matrix and its use in microfluidic systems, please feel free to contact us!


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