HCS pharma has organized its second scientific advisory board! We were pleased to gather around the table (physically or via a Webex visioconference for those who could not make the trip) David Devos, Roméo Cecchelli, George Haase, Karim Si Tayed… and a new board member:  Dominique Collard!

Dr Dominique Collard
Dr. Dominique Collard

Dominique is known for his experience in BioMEMS (Biological MicroElectroMechanical Electronicsal Systems), having worked alternatively with the IEMN (Institut d’Electronique, de Microélectronique et de Nanatechnologie de Lille, IEMN) and the Laboratory for Integrated MicroMechatronic Systems in Tokyo, Japan (LIMMS/CNRS-IIS) for many years. Now back in the region, he coordinates the ‘Cancer’ CPER plan, which aims at gathering research on physics, human sciences, biology and clinics to fight cancer. He will for sure help us to implement BioMEMS and microfluidics in our cancer-related R&D.

In a friendly but hard-working atmosphere, we could discuss all current and upcoming projects in the fields of neurosciences and the blood-brain barrier, oncology and metabolic diseases. BIOMIMESYS® is for sure THE technology we will rely on to develop new relevant 3D models for our R&D, our partners and customers!


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