Imaging platform for dermo-cosmetology assessment

  • Support a claim through scientific data and cell imaging
  • Understand in vitro mechanisms of action of your active
  • Discover the innovative benefits of your skin care active
  • Identify new claims for existing products

HCS Pharma offers a panel of validated cell-based assays allowing :

  • Quantification of key phenotypic and molecular events
  • Evaluation of potential benefits of your actives.

Fully equipped cell culture labs

Automation & cell imaging lab

  • 1 Micro XLS (MDS) in SA
  • 2 Sciclone ALH3000 in SA
  • 2 ImageXpress Micro confocal systems
  • UV irradiation system
  • Microscope system compatible with live cell imaging (5 channels)

Available models



Wound Healing

Skin Microbiota

Custom Developments

3D cell culture using BIOMIMESYS®technology

Available cell types


Available 3D cell culture matrices

Fibroblasts in

Nuclei (blue), live cells (green)

Adipocytes in

BIOMIMESYS® Adipose tissue
Nuclei (blue), lipid droplets (red)

Available readouts