Skin aging is a natural and physiological process which can be accelerated by multiple factors. HCS Pharma has developped models to assess actives efficacy against it.

Fibroblasts proliferation : does my active stimulate cells ?

Skin aging process is characterized by a decrease in the dermal fibroblasts proliferation. The number of fibroblasts in the dermis progressively decreases with age. Age related decrease in the number of these cells in the dermis is presumably the most important factor of the appearance of skin aging signs. Fibroblasts produce all the components of the intercellular substances, including collagen and elastin fibers. The age reduction in the number of fibroblasts is partly due to the reduced activity of their proliferation.

Extracellular matrix synthesis : does my active stimulate collagen and elastin production ?

The dermis is primarily composed of the extracellular matrix (ECM) and fibroblasts. During the aging process, collagen and elastin, components of ECM, becomes fragmented and their total amount decreases. A reduction in the levels of functional dermal components results in the emergence of clinical aging features, such as wrinkles and reduced elasticity.

Oxidative stress/photo-aging : has my active a protective effect ?

Skin aging is a multifactorial process that involves genetic and environmental factors. A variety of environmental stress, particularly UVA light, can damage the skin and accelerate aging. UVA is predominantly injurious to living organisms and contributes to detrimental effects directly through the production of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). UVA initiates a photo-oxidation reaction primarily on the skin epidermis via the augmentation of the cellular ROS level that causes imbalance of the skin antioxidant constants, sequentially accelerating photoaging. Without effective action of endogenous and exogenous antioxidant systems, this leads to skin ECM degradation and cellular changes, generating aging signs, such as stains or redness.

With a chemical induction :
With a physical induction :