Aging is one of the most frequent reason for consumers to use cosmetics. The efficacy of cosmetics is mainly analysed by their anti-oxidation effect. Thus, we advise a protection analysis against ROS rise after stimulation/stress.

Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) are the main markers of dysfunction of a cell because they are the result of various external attacks. These ROS can damage all biological systems (DNA, mtDNA, lipids, proteins…).

The best way to fight them is to combine specific and non-specific protective systems with different mechanisms of action. Phenotypic screening with ROS analysis can evaluate the efficacy of a single molecule or combinations and thus allows you to get the best of your ingredients.

ROS analysis specific interest:

  • UV-protection and photoaging (coupled with UV irradiation for these models)
  • Pollution and various external aggressions (Chemical aggression, smoke, coldness…)
  • Natural aging


As for all of our tests, screening allows to evaluate and compare easily and quickly the efficiency of your products and therefore help you to take the right decisions for your products.


UVA-induced ROS that can be analysed by cell imaging:




Pollution and various external agressions

Alternative assays with chemical treatment with H2O2 or menadione can also be performed:

Oher stainings can also be included to allow, for example, mitochondria visualization: