Dehydrated skin is the most common reason for skin discomfort.

Many studies have shown the role of AQP3 (Aquaporins 3) in the skin moisturizing mechanisms (ref 1,2).


With our screening method using immunocytochemistry, we aim at evaluating and comparing the activity of your ingredients (alone or in combination) by locating and quantifying the expression of AQP3 in the membrane of keratinocytes while observing the overall shape of the cells.

Objective: Optimizing the composition in active ingredients of your formulations to improve skin moisturizing effect.

Associated tests:

  • Experiment paired with ROS measurement for irritated skins

1Matsuzaki et al. (1999) Water Channel Protein AQP3 Is Present in Epithelia Exposed to the Environment of Possible Water Loss. J Histochem Cytochem., 47(10):1275-86.

2Sougrat et al. (2002) Functional Expression of AQP3 in Human Skin Epidermis and Reconstructed Epidermis. J Invest Dermatol. 118(4):678-85.