Visible pigmentation of the skin and hair depends primarily on the functions of melanocytes, a very minor population of cells specialized in the synthesis and the distribution of the pigmented biopolymer melanin.

Melanocytes Pigmentation Assessment : Monolayer of melanocytes

Pigmentation is particularly  regulated  at  the  cellular  level  by  melanocytes synthesizing  melanin  within  melanosomes,  which  can be  produced  in  varying  sizes,  numbers,  and  densities. In order to evaluate the effects of your actives on this synthesis, HCS Pharma offers you a melanocytes pigmentation test using a model of monolayer of melanocytes.

Skin Pigmentation Assessment : RHPE

Pigmentation properties of your ingredients can also be evaluated on a Reconstructed Human Pigmented Epidermis (RHPE). This model allows to study the transfer of melanin from melanocytes to neighboring keratinocytes, which is tightly linked to skin pigmentation too.