Gut microbiota is composed of several type of micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi). Most of them are “commensal” and maintain a symbiotic interaction with our gut. The balance between the different bacterial populations is important to reduce pathogenic infection. Escherichia coli is mostly present in human gut microbiota. Colonization of human gut with non pathogenic E. coli is known to reduce pathogenic infection. Our assay allow to assess the effects of your compounds on E. coli attachment on enterocytes cell line Caco-2.

Nuclei (in blue), tigh junctions (in red), bacteria (in green) – 100X mag.

Human enterocytes cell line Caco-2 was innoculate with fluorescent Echerischia coli. After incubation, the relative quantity of bacteria per cells was assessed using image analysis.

Pre exposition to compounds can be used to assess preventive effects. Exposition to compounds after E. coli colonisation can be performed to evaluate your compounds inocuity on gut microbiota. You can also co exposed your compounds to study acute protection effects. Using cell image analysis, we can assess several parameters including :

  • Live/Dead
  • Cells inflammation
  • Oxidative stress
  • Pathogen infection
  • And more !

If you are interested in gut infection, contact us to have more information on our co infection models!