To find anti-cancer drugs, different effects can be looked at :

  • cell death effect on proliferating cells either in 2D culture or on spheroids (3D culture)
  • anti-mitotic effects
  • anti-migration/invasion effects,
  • anti-angiogenesis effects…

Thus, different assays can be performed to follow these different effects. High content screening is a multi-parametric technology allowing to search poly-effect drugs and HCS pharma has developed these assays by HCS :

Services Description

Cytotoxicity in 2D & 3D culture

Different assays has been performed by HCS Pharma on different cell lines as HT29, Hela, HepG2, Caco-2 …

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Cell cycle analysis Cell cycle arrest can be performed just by analysing the intensity and condensation of DNA since the intensity of the Hoechst dye depends on the DNA content. Mitosis cells (4n DNA content) have a doubled dye intensity when compared to G1 cells (2n DNA content).

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 scratch_assay_Hela_T0 Migration Cancer cells have the property to proliferate and to migrate. Anti-cancer drugs have to stop the propagation of cancer cells. The in vitro scratch assay (also called wound healing) is an easy, reproducble and well-developed method to measure cell migration in vitro.

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 Angiogenesis  Assay under development

HCS Pharma develops also different assays depending on what you want to follow.

To learn more on our model, see also our poster presented in different congress.


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