Cytotoxicity assay in 2D and 3D culture

Different assays has been performed by HCS Pharma on different cell lines as HT29, Hela, HepG2, Caco-2 … Here are few  examples. If you want to know more about these assays, don’t hesitate to contact us.

To learn more on our model, see also our poster presented in different congress.

  • Cell death assay in 2D culture on Hela cells treated with 8 anti-cancer compounds during 48h:

96-well plate scheme stained by Hoechst:


Pictures obtained for each compound on Hela cells stained by Hoechst and propidium iodid (PI):


  • Cell death assay in 3D culture on Hela cells treated with 8 compounds during 48h:

96-well plate pattern stained by Hoechst and propidium iodid:


Example of time and dose effect of two different compounds :

  • Comparison between 2D and 3D culture of vinvlastine on Hela cells :

3D culture represents an in vivo tumor and EC50 results is more relevant compared to 2D culture since 3D culture includes also compound penetration into the tumor.

These assays can be performed with other death marker or other target markers can also be included.

Here is an example of multiple dye-staining with necrosis dye, genotoxicity dye (gamma_H2AX) and mitosis dye (P-histone H3) on HepG2 cells after treatment for 24h with different reference compounds inducing different effects.

Multi dye necrosis2

Multi dye necrosis2

 Other dyes can be also used as in this picture of HepG2 stained with mitotracker:



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