HCS main assets for toxicology


* Cook D, Brown D, Alexander R, March R, Morgan P, Satterthwaite G, Pangalos MN (2014) Lessons learned from the fate of AstraZeneca’s drug pipeline: a five-dimensional framework. Nat Rev Drug Discov. 13(6):419-31.

Early detection of toxic events induced by drug cantidats is mandatory in order to avoid late attrition in the process of R&D. As shown by AstraZeneca in Nature reviews*, toxic events are responsible of a high rate of project closures at the late stage of the drug development.

Phenotypic screening by High Content Screening allows analysing toxic events, as genotoxicity, hepatotoxicity, neurotoxicity or cardiotoxicity at the early stage of research.

HCS Pharma has already developed genotoxicity, hepatotoxicity and neurotoxicity assays and cardiotoxicity is scheduled: