Human and animal microbiota is composed of several type of micro-organism (bacteria, viruses, fungi). Most of them are “commensal” and maintain a symbiotic interaction with their host. Staphylococcus infection is involved in bovine mammary inflammation which can be characterized according to whether or not they have apparent clinical symptoms.

By using bovine mamary cells, with developped an in vitro mastitis model based on Staphylococcus infection. Our model combined a image based analysis with a post infection bacterial counting. Most important, our model is miniaturized in 96 well plates !

Figure above : Protective effect of sodium butyrate and propionante against Staphylococcus aureus infection in our in vitro mastitis model

Pre exposition to compounds can be used to assess preventive effects. Exposition to compounds after Staphylococcus infections can be performed to evaluate your compounds effects on infected cells. You can also co exposed your compounds to study acute curative effects. Using cell image analysis, we can assess several parameters including :

  • Live/Dead
  • Cells inflammation
  • Oxidative stress
  • Bacterial protection
  • And more !

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