Last week we were pleased to attend the founding congress of STCM (Société de Toxicologie Cellularie et Moléculaire), which was held in FIAP Jean Monnet (Paris). The topic was “Toxicology towards the 3rd dimension“. With a wide variety of talks from academic laboratories and from the industry, the content was highly appreciated!

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Thursday sessions: skin, liver and intestine 3D models

After a great introduction by Xavier Gidrol about the 3D cellular models, organs-on-chip and bioprinting in biomedical research, we enjoyed the session about 3D skin models, in particular the speech by Vincent Flasher. He talked about his promising reconstructed skin including sensory neurons and immune cells, as a relevant tool for the study of inflammatory processes. Regarding the session about 3D liver models, we would like to thank Cecile Legallais – the president of the European Society for Artificial Organs – for her interesting talk about liver bioengineering, and for collaborating with us in this frame! In the last Thursday session about intestine models, we should cite the presentation of Maxime Mahe and Audrey Ferrand who showed amazing data and images of their intestinal organoids.

Zied Souguir presenting BIOMIMESYS® technology in STCM congress

Friday sessions: lung 3D models, other organs and 3D tools

On the second day, the first session was dealing about the lung 3D models and their applications in toxicology. We particularly appreciated the talk by Sébastien Anthérieu from Lille, with its study about the alterations of human bronchial epithelium induced by air pollution – interesting but frightening! Afterwards, 3D models of other organs were described, in particular of the placenta and the CNS. Thanks to Juliette Fitremann for her great talk about the 3D culture of neuronal cells, and for citing BIOMIMESYS® Brain system!

Last but not least, the session about 3D tools, in which we presented BIOMIMESYS® technology for liver, cancer and brain 3D cell models… Special thanks to the organizers for giving us the opportunity to talk about our technology and its applications in 3D High Content Screening (HCS) and in toxicology! We wish you great success with the association (members of the bureau below) and your future congresses,we would be pleased to participate again in the future!

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