HCS Pharma will be present at next ELRIG event “Research and Innovation 2023 – Accelerating future DD” in Cambridge on March 29 and 30th

We are pleased to participate in ELRIG event about Research an Innovation 2023 – Accelerating future drug discovery” in Cambridge on March 29 and 30th 2023. Veronique De Conto, our project leader in in vitro Pharmacology, is very happy to meet with you and to present you our disruptive technology Read more…

Poster – High Content Screening of automated wound healing and cytotoxicity assays in 2D and 3D culture

To find anti-cancer drugs, different cellular modifications can be looked at: cell death effect on proliferating cells either in 2D culture or on spheroids (3D culture), anti-mitotic, anti-migration/invasion, anti-angiogenesis effects… Different assays can be performed to follow these different effects. High content screening is a multi-parametric technology allowing searching for poly-effects drugs.