New 384-well plates format for BIOMIMESYS® Liver & Oncology entitling Cell-Based Assays High-Throughput Screening

HCS-Pharma is pleased to launch BIOMIMESYS® Liver and Oncology in ready-to-use 384-well plate format for screening applications. Adopt BIOMIMESYS® 3D cell culture systems and obtain more predictive in vitro models. You can find our presentations in PDF format for BIOMIMESYS® Liver for BIOMIMESYS® Oncology For more information, contact us at

Poster – In vitro dermocosmetology : high content analysis approach using human primary keratinocytes and fibroblasts

Cell biology is part of the R&D activity in dermocosmetology, as providers of active extracts or pure compounds have to demonstrate their efficacy and safety. At HCS Pharma, we are developing new dermocosmetology assays on relevant cellular models, like human primary keratinocytes and human primary fibroblasts, using our automated platform and high content analysis system.