Artificial intelligence to improve 3D cell culture : a milestone for HCS pharma

As you may now, in HCS Pharma we strongly believe that the critical point of the human health evolution in next years is the in vitro 3D cell culture, especially for complex diseases like cancer [1]. It’s why we work hard on our exclusive BIOMIMESYS® technology. As experts in HCS and cell imaging, we must master all the process : 3D biological models, 3D cell culture, volumetric pictures acquisition, 3D reconstruction and segmentation of cells and ECM compounds, 3D parameters extraction and, of course, biological interpretations. As explained in our VisuAI R&D project, the 3D reconstruction and segmentation step is not simple.

Veronique joins us as a PhD student to develop a new in vitro neurological model

Veronique obtained an engineering degree from the Toulouse agronomic school (ENSAT) in 2017, with a specialization in biotechnology at AgroParisTech. During her studies, she worked on the cholinergic receptors structure of the parasitic nematode Trichinella spiralis during a 3-month internship in the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Read more…