Poster – BIOMIMESYS® 3D hydroscaffold a matricial microenvironment for physiological organs-on-chip (OoC)

How to make in vitro models predictive of in vivo conditions? Dynamic models hold promise for future predictive microphysiological systems (MPS). By combining BIOMIMESYS® as an ECM surrogate for 3D culture, and hiPSC-derived cells, these dynamic microfluidic systems will revolutionize the field, reproducing human tissues and predict human outcomes.

BIOMIMESYS® Oncology is a relevant hydroscaffold for cancer-related in vitro studies

BIOMIMESYS® Oncology is mostly composed of hyaluronic acid (HA), biofunctionnalized with undenaturated collagen I. HA, by interacting with its binding proteins (CD44, RHAMM, ICAM-1), is an active participant in inflammatory, angiogenic, fibrotic and cancer-promoting processes (Figure 1). We are currently looking at the effect of different elastic moduli of BIOMIMESYS® Read more…