With 54% of the world population living in urban areas, the number of people exposed to pollutants is still increasing. Moreover, pollution has become perceptible in many cities. Almost 80% of urban areas have a level of pollutants greater than the recommended levels of the World Health Organization. Directly in contact with its external environment, the skin is extremely exposed to pollution and doesn’t have necessary means to neutralize it. Therefore, the development of anti-pollution efficacy tests has sped to the top of the cosmetics industry’s agenda. Repeated exposure induce an inflammatory stress and a premature ageing of epidermal keratinocytes, which are in first line against external assaults. Pollutants cause an increase in the level of reactive oxygen species, putting the cells in a state of oxidative stress.

In order to assess if your active can protect skin against pollution, HCS Pharma offers you an in vitro test using fluorogenic probes, allowing you to assess ROS production. This test use particulate matters as inducer and an antioxidant reference compound as positive control. See our brochure for more details on this test.

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