During the Healthcare Expo organized that take place in Taïwan between the 30th of November and the 3rd of December, our partner Tokyo Future Style Taiwan had a booth and presented BIOMIMESYS® technology. Dr Dar-Bin Shieh stayed a lot of time with our partner to discuss with Joseph and his team on our collaboration project to develop new organ-on-chip with BIOMIMESYS® technology.

During this event, a specific round table have been organized by the NarLabs to discuss on the combination of semiconductors and biotechnology by developing organ-on-chips systems. Dr Dar-Bin Shieh was one of the speakers and had the opportunity to present BIOMIMESYS® technology, the only 3D technology usable in organ-on-chips systems. Next year will be a special year for the extension of HCS Pharma in Taïwan in order to develop the first organ-on-chips systems and human-on-chips including in vitro organ-specific ECM with BIOMIMESYS® and biocaptors for real-time analysis of the cells in close partnership with the different governmental units from Taïwan, especially Academia Sinica, NarLabs and ITRI.


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