We are pleased and proud to welcome Dr Philippe Manivet and Dr Anthony Trezeibre in our Scientific Advisory Board. We are developing new innovative projects with them around our BIOMIMESYS technology.

Because our BIOMIMESYS technology is requested in different fields and we want to stay at the forefront of innovation, we surround ourselves with scientific experts from different fields.

Dr Philippe Manivet is a hospital Practitioner in Lariboisière hospital, working on biomechanical and biochemical aspects of cell communications and cell/extracellular matrix interactions, in neurosciences and cancer. He also lead the Biobank Lariboisiere. With him, we have started to build R&D programs on the impact of ECM modification on cells by using first cell lines and then healthy and cancerous patient cells cultivated in BIOMIMESYS technology.

Dr Anthony Trezeibre is a researcher at the IEMN CNRS institute working on micro-fabrication of microfluidic devices. He has a huge experience on the conception of endothelial barrier-on-chip and the development of Organ-on-chip systems used in many diseases such as cancer or cardiometabolic diseases. Dr Anthony Trezeibre leads internal R&D program using BIOMIMESYS in organ-on-chip systems working with Thomas Meynard in a global project, named BioPharMEMS (Common Laboratory).

We warmly thank Dr Philippe Manivet and Dr Anthony Trezeibre for fruitful discussions, current and future very enriching collaborations and the sharing of our values: together we will go very far.

Welcome on board!


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